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About 20 per cent of a car’s fuel consumption is caused by rolling resistance. The lower the resistance, the lower the consumption.

Since 2012, tyres have been marked with energy efficiency classes, from A (green) to G (red).

A car fitted with four A-rated tyres driving at 50mph – uses 7.5% less fuel than with G-rated tyres. That means a saving of up to £110 or 80 litres of fuel over the life of the tyres.

Results can vary with type of car or climatic conditions but the performance gaps are proven.


Did you know that about 150,000 people a year put the wrong fuel in their car? It’s usually petrol in a diesel car, and since the petrol can cause engine damage in a diesel it needs to be removed before you try to drive.

We know a couple of reliable specialist companies who do this service nationwide (at a much better price than the AA). We’re happy to recommend them:

Wrong Fuel SOS –

Fuel Fixer –

Fix My Wrong Fuel –


“Great value tyres at tubbys tyres. Very friendly and they really got me out of a tight spot. Thanks Arron for explaining what you were doing. Very fast and efficient and you even checked the pressure in my other tyres for me. I will recommend your company to all my friends and family.”

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Tubby's Hall of Tyre Shame

Sad but true - not everyone looks after their tyres as well as they might.  We present a selection of examples:

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Tubby's Hall of Tyre Shame

Many drivers are faced with a choice between cheap budget tyres and part-worn premiums. This helpful video explains the labelling system for tyres, and why better quality tyres are cheaper to run and safer. We can help you select the right ratings.